SiddeeQah: Intro to Me!

Welcome to my blog!!

I find that introductory posts can be a little awkward, unoriginal, or just plain hard to create, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.

Who the heck am I:

I’m SiddeeQah, a twenty-something student residing in Philadelphia. I long for a career in the field of Fashion, am an otaku of the fangirl kind, and obsessed with taking myself higher as I find purpose, positivity, and fulfillment in this life. Essentially, I believe I’m meant to be knowledgable, free-spirited, and passion-filled (for now). I can be a bit quirky (or more than a bit) and I’m not afraid to cross into the TMI side of things. There’s plenty I could say, but I guess you’ll see as I post on.

Why I’d like to blog and what about:

I believe that through sharing my experiences I can learn something more through those I connect with. Also, I’d like to think that if I’ve experienced something, then maybe someone somewhere has experienced the same or something similar; I don’t mind being that person that lets others know that they’re not alone. My interests lie in fashion, DIY and crafting, anime (and all that world encompasses!!), and self-discovery, but def not limited to that. Fun, creative posts in those realms can be expected, but if I had to categorize, I’d say this is starting off as a lifestyle blog.

Random things associated with myself and my interests:

yaoi, cosplay, romance, yoga, sewing, black girl, design, time with mom, laughter, natural diy, holidays, potatoes, afros, teas, challenges, fangirl, dreams, fanfiction, religion, love ❤

Thank you in advance for checking out my domain and I hope you stick around!!

Till next time,


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