New York’s Mood U School: First Two Weeks

Been a few weeks since I’ve posted and there are a myriad of things I can’t wait to share. But first, I have a brief review of my first two weeks attending Mood U. With the combo of creating a new portfolio, developing my craft, advancing further into the world of fashion and just plain ole wanting to learn new things, I jump at (almost) every opportunity to do something fashion related. Everything I’ve experienced recently in that realm has been somewhat familiar, yet still awe-inspiring and hella fun. My Wednesdays at Mood U are just that.

unnamedSo some time in January, I came across Mood U, which is basically a series of fashion related classes offered at Mood Fabrics stores and taught by industry professionals. I signed up right away when I saw they were offering Nancy Riegelman‘s 6-week course for fashion illustration and for freeee. I know Nancy herself  teaches the class, but this time around Benjamin Mach, a former contestant of Project Runway, is instructing. He gets some help from Helen, another former contestant and a total sweetheart btw, as well as some skilled Mood employees. To my fellow future designers and all who are interested, I suggest you sign up. Doesn’t matter what you would like to do in fashion, there’s most likely a class or course for you.

-Week 1-

First off, Mood is busy! Biz zee. After getting off the cramped vintage elevator, like ‘the operator has to manually turn a handle until we reach the floor’ vintage, there are a sea of people in a small space. I just took my time, learned of the location of my class, and observed people. There are all kinds of people seemingly occupied, something very common in NYC, people looking as if they’re doing something important…whether they actually are or aren’t, I’m not sure. But I kinda like it and considering there’s a 45% chance this place will be my home soon, I’d like to get used to that. Overall, my first impression of Mood was that it’s an authentic fabric store…but really impressive, there’s some really great fabric there. Yet! The class section left a bigger impression. I’ll keep it simple and say I felt quite comfortable amongst a large diverse group of people clearly as passionate as I am about this fashion thing. I have no clue why I was surprised about the number of people sewing, drafting, etc in the area.

PicsArt_1427045396762Moving forward, let’s talk about this class. It’s moves FAST! and I love it. Within the two hours we covered illustrating the female figure, a detailed face, and many detailed hand positions. I’ve attended college previously for this stuff. It wasn’t until week 3 of 9 that we even touched on the face, so when I say this was fast, I speak from experience. We were instructed to follow along as Ben illustrated, which you can see on a large screen. We also have required books that help us along.

After Ben illustrates, we have some time to go over our own work and receive help from him or the others. Pretty standard. As usual, I was too busy talking with my fellow students or focusing on the work to take pictures that day, but that’s what happens when I’m having too much fun. Sorry, no OOTDs for ya lol.

-Week 2-

So I thought the pace was set with last week, but I was mistaken. We moved a little faster this week, but yet again I loved it. Shading/rendering of the body and face, as well constructing a garment around the figure was the focus. Unbelievable. Where was this speed when I needed it?ben There’s not much I have to say about class this week accept that.. again, I enjoyed it. Everyone was helpful as usual, especially Helen. Maybe it’s the way I was sitting, but for some reason I drew faces that were more elongated than I would have liked. After a few minutes with Helen, I no longer had that problem.

The first week we had a suggested assignment, yet this week an actual home assignment was given. It’s safe to say that in Week 3, our figures will have more movement and be fully clothed. Color will probably be introduced.

This week, I feel we all learned more about the designers/staff. It’s amazing to have these talented, hard working people guide/inspire us and to learn that we inspire them as well.

-Final Thoughts-

This experience so far is well worth my $38 roundtrip travel cost and total of 5 hours of commute time between Philly and NYC. I figured that some time ago my fashion classes were $1500 a class before supplies and other fees, I think I can manage the price of travel for 6 weeks. Money aside, I’m in NYC every week!! Despite all the drawbacks of the city, I cannot deny that it’s a fantastic place. Week 2 in NYC had me feeling like a native, comfortable amongst the aggressive, fast-moving crowds. I didn’t even noticeably cringe as i purchased my over-priced food and snacks.


$13.78 for a 1.4lb of food, but I liked my city view from the cafe a block from Mood. Overheard a few interesting conversations from my chair. Designers and fashion-y people discussing patterns of tops and the lengths of necklaces as if whatever they settled on would be the answer to obtaining world peace. I love the passion in this city.


The Mood dog! It was closing time when I took this and I’m pretty sure he or she was fairly tired. You can see the fatigue. Does anyone know the gender of this Pug? It’s a Pug, right?


Random selfie!! I aim to take more pictures next time. I’m such an in-the-moment-I-don’t-need-pictures kinda person, but I need pictures!! My OOTDs were on point each week.

I’ll leave it off here saying “Thank you, MOOD!”. I’m tempted to purchase their t-shirt with that signature phrase. If you have questions, NYC tips for me, requests and so forth, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me. I would love some feedback.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


1 thought on “New York’s Mood U School: First Two Weeks”

  1. Thanks this was super helpful. Was looking forward to taking classes there in October. I was a bit skeptical because I was doubting if i’ll get value there, however this has cleared my doubt. Many thanks.


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