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#InspirationMonday: Bedroom Pinspiration


Hey all,

For my own personal space where I think, create, rest, and rejuvenate, I DESPERATELY need a change. DECLUTTERIZATION (is that a word?). And my goal is to get it done as quickly as possible. It’s funny that for my first public week of Inspiration Monday, I’ve been inspired to share what I’d like to do for my bedroom. So I headed over to Pinterest to ogle at bedroms in styles that would be similar to what I’m feeling right now… If I had to choose a few terms, they’d be:

natural – regal – southern charm – bohemian – cozy

Check out my Bedroom Pinspiration board on Pinterest.

Interior design is pretty popular in the blogosphere, but this post is less about interior design and more about discovering things that promote positivity in my own life. Right now, that happens to be creating a personal space filled with elements that aid in my rejuvenation and creative drive.

To end each InspirationMonday, I’d like to pose a question….

What has inspired you this week?

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