Is This What Women Are to Believe?

Changing my Facebook cover photo requires a Google search of quotes related to whatever I feel like conveying at that time. So along my search for a quote about personal freedom in relationships, I came across…this:


Is this what we as woman, girls, are supposed to believe about ourselves?

It is an amazing feeling to find a lover who makes us feel beautiful, no doubt, but why can this feeling not reinforce a belief we already had within ourselves because of ourselves?

Insecurities, low self-esteem, lack of confidence…these are very real things. There are plenty of situations where women have not found beauty within themselves before meeting their partners. That does not mean that images like the one above are acceptable. So should how we view ourselves as women continue to be reliant on men (or partners) or will we take control of our image, our beauty, our empowerment?


I kindly corrected this image.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


2 thoughts on “Is This What Women Are to Believe?”

  1. Women and young girls must learn how to love self in their natural form before any growth are progress can take place. Once a women learns how to truly love her self so can push through all stumbling blocs that come her way and she will be able to respect and love others.

    Loving God and Others are the two greatest commands..

    I enjoyed your blog topic. Peace and Blessing to You!


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