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Inspiration Monday: Twenty-five till 25!!

This Inspiration Monday will be unique because this Monday it’s all about…..ME!

More specifically about my 25th birthday.

From the 3rd of August (today) until my birthday, August 27th, I’ll be celebrating 25 days of me until I turn Twenty Fine.

So let me explain. I want to start this series for myself. I thought 2015 would be my golden year, and perhaps it is, but not without its share of struggles, mishaps, failures, and unhappiness. I do not want to start my 25th year off that way. I don’t want to end my 24th year that way. So, instead of spending my last 25 days of 24 anxiety ridden and defeated by my life’s challenges, I choose to spend 25 days enjoying, celebrating, challenging, and improving myself. Using these obstacles to achieve my goals, not move further from them.

Maybe it is a turn of fate that my 25till25 starts on an Inspiration Monday, maybe not. It seems pretty perfect to me.

I find myself to be an inspiration because I have witnessed so many instances where I could have stopped, yet I kept going. I’ve overcome adversity set-backs, continued living after lost, faced my fears and anxieties. Surprising myself with my thoughts and creations. Living my dreams everyday, even if for now at a small scale.

What I look forward to the most during these 25 days is:

– reflecting on my aspects of my life to create future posts –

– fun activities –

– my birthday to trip to VEGAS –

– a healthier lifestyle and a better head space –

– what I’ll learn from challenging myself…to focus on me, my enjoyment, my growth, and my happiness –

I’ll be posting everyday (online, not specifically here) during 25till25 and I hope you all will take this journey along with me. Be sure to follow me on social networks to keep track of my progress.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤

IMG_0509Twenty Fine necklace made my ME. =)

Would you like one?


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