Day Two | 25Till25

I can’t stop churning out these personal posts laden with my random thoughts about…my life. I’m totally fine with that.

2 5 t i l l 2 5. Isn’t it party time? A creative metamorphosis? Happy-go-lucky smiley time? Non-stop go go GO?! Typical internet success story? I think not. Well maybe it is a creative metamorphosis. But this is also a time of rejuvenation for me. And I took advantage of just that today..

My main focus is to start 25 happier and healthier than I am today. But my life won’t transmogrify from what it is now to whatever perfection is currently seen as. I still have to go to work, invest in my business, and work towards my goals. I still have stressors and obstacles. I’m just consciously choosing to approach the less enjoyable, more challenging things in my life differently, until these new methods become healthier habits.

I ask myself…”Self, how can I reduce stress today? What will make my mind and body feel better? What will make me happy today?”

“Taking it easy, yet taking care of the little things. Taking my time, but still using it efficiently. Keeping away from infuriating situations. Sleeping! Doing something I want to do today,” self says.

I listened to music I enjoy, watched all of a documentary on Netflix, did some laundry, ate, some other things I rather keep to myself. I went to work, which is mildly stressful, but really not worth me spazzing out over. I thought about things I want to do, took pictures. I smiled a lot. I remained neutral sometimes. I got home late from work. And I tyoed this during my long ass commute home.

Day two was a good day.

Isn’t it ironic that during my very own challenge, I have to remind myself to do as I wish? Even during this post, there are things I feel I have to say or should say, but whatever it is that you’re reading is exactly what I wanted.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


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