Day Three | 25 Indulgences: What I’m Sinking Into Currently

Waking up after a good day is always light and refreshing. I don’t assume that next day will be any different, unless perhaps, better. After about half of today though, I just kinda felt like I needed to rant, blow off some steam, cry maybe. But what I really wanted to do was the opposite. Something positive. Something that doesn’t feel like I’m actually combating anything. So, I went walking. Mostly because I just feel really good while taking a stroll, but also because I needed to head to work. It was during this walk that I started to think about all the things I love doing or want to do. I know I’ve been craving to really get away from the to-do list and just really explore. And that’s what has led me here. I want to share this because there are just times that we become so distracted by life that we overlook our wants and desires. Why not indulge a little? If I had to make a list of 25 things to indulge in, it would look a little like this:

  1. Capturing memories – I don’t really like taking pictures because I always feel I look weird. But there are too many moments in my life to capture. I WANT to keep record of the interesting things I do and shamelessly do so anywhere.

2. Walking                  3. Staying hydrated                   4. Sleeping

5. Mystical worlds – I love anything whimsical, mystical, ethereal, otherworldly, fantastical. It’s just my thing. I witness it the mostly through reading. Right now, I’m reading a wonderful story inspired by Beauty and the Beast called A Court of Thorns and Roses. Faeries, springtime magic, fairy tale love, a strong-willed female protagonist. I’m with it! I’m also reading Of Triton, based around Syrena (more commonly known as mermaids, ha ha) and the ever popular Mortal Instruments series.
But I don’t just indulge in these fantasy worlds through books, but through visual novels, anime, artwork. It’s just so inspiring. So beautiful. So easy to get lost in.


6. Spending time with mom

7. Writing/journaling           8. People watching           9. Daycations           10. Reading

11. Self pleasure – you got it right. Maybe you call it something different. But yes, I indeed mean…masturbation. What’s not good about it? It’s quality time with oneself, its stress relieving, and it feels damn good….there’s no right or wrong way to indulge in it.

12. My body – lotion it, exfoliate it, oil it, move it, stretch it, challenge it, rest it, know it. Beautify it inside and out. Whatever it makes feel great.

13. Alternative RnB – currently listening to a talented singer name Raye, check her music out.

14. Reading               15. My health                 16. Silence                17. Different flavors

18WordPress – I really didnt know much about WordPress when I decided to create a blog on its platform. There’s a lot I’m sure I still dont know, but so far I’ve seen this world of beautiful thinkers using their piece of internet to share…whatever! From the uplifting to the comical. From the saddening to the uplifting. I sign on Facebook and really don’t gain much from scrolling down my timeline, but I spend a fraction of that time on WordPress and there’s a buffet of substance.

19. Random interests and hobbies – I have some pretty demanding hobbies lol. Being an artist, an otaku, a cosplayer is time consuming! Soul consuming. But I have other likes and I feel like exploring those more.

20. Creative expression – indulging in expression outside of what I sometimes confine myself to. Put the abundance of supplies I own to use in different ways.

21. Clean Foods                  22. Conversations with strangers                  23. My style

24. The world around me – the desire to travel is strong, but I can appreciate my city as well.

25. Living without a plan – today it seems like everything is a “challenge” or “series” or done for the sake of something.. make something without the intention to sell it. Wear something without the desire to show it off. Attend an event to enjoy, not just because its another thing to add to your to-do list (a to-do lost you probably base your relevence around). Take a shower because you like being clean, not because you want for a product review or because you just have to film a “My Shower Regime” for YouTube. Even though I don’t see myself falling victim to these often, I do sometimes become so engrossed in my business or obligations that I find myself trying to plan ‘living’. To prevent that from becoming a habit, I’m gonna indulge in living without a plan.

Looking over my list, I confirm that everything is accurate. There’s more i could add, but this feels right. There’s even more I could add, but now is not the time to indulge in those. Maybe next month, haha.

What do you indulge in? What wants and desires can you just throw yourself into for 25 days?

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


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