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Inspiration Monday: The Real on Being Inspired

It seems I can’t shake these late posts, but that’s ok. This Monday, as I reflected on what inspired me, I came across a thought questioning what “inspiration” actually is. So, I searched and the definition of inspiration according to is:

: something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create : a force or influence that inspires someone
: a person, place, experience, etc., that makes someone want to do or create something
: a good idea

Full Definition
1 a :a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to               receive and communicate sacred revelation
b :the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions
c :the act of influencing or suggesting opinions
2 :the act of drawing in; specifically :the drawing of air into the lungs

Those of us who are gluttons for positivity see or hear the word “inspiration” everyday. We’re always “letting it come to us” or giving it to others. But it’s no stranger to the rest of the world either. Its so overused its meaning is endangered because even though its so simply defined, it is boxed in.

“I’m in the field of creativity, I should be inspired by these particular things.”

“I’ve been inspired by so many things, but I never do anything with it.”

“Im so uninspired right now and inspiration should come to me, but its not.”

“I’m not a creative person, inspiration isn’t something I need anyway.”

These common misconceptions and excuses keep such a broad concept like inspiration limited to internet search results oversaturated with well known quotes, beautiful landscape pictures, and a person peering at such landscape with arms open wide. The quotes can be quite true, the feelings these photos provoke, accurate. But let’s not limit our image of inspiration. Let’s not have an image at all. Let’s have too many images for our minds to handle.

Inspiration is to make you DO something. 

What a cool idea, I could do this. VS I have an idea, I’m bringing it to life.

What the difference? It’s clear. Saying you could is just telling yourself you have the potential. Saying you are is doing something with your inspiration. How many times have we been supposedly inspired by something and done nothing? One of my personal philosophies is to never let a good idea go to waste; make it happen, keep it for later, or pass it on. No matter which one option I choose, I’ve done something.

It is ok to SEEK inspiration…..anywhere.

With this blog, my business, and all my creative ventures, I’m always in need of inspiration. I start Mondays off actually thinking about what inspired me recently. I mostly use it towards something in my life or I share it here sometimes. I’ve been typing this post all day and felt really excited about it. I was inspired by just the simple meanings of words and how we as people actually live them out. Inspiration just happened to stick and that worked out perfectly for #InspirationMonday.

As the day progressed, though, I felt my mood declining and things I planned just wasn’t working out. Only halfway through my post, the excitement I felt from the start diminished a little. But I kept pushing because I knew I felt really inspired to share this and disappointment was not something I wanted to wake up to the next morning. I decided to focus on what was happening and finish my post later. Then……I felt tired. It’s been a long day!!! I just want to relax with my mom and watch tv. But there was something else I wanted to do. Now tired, a little annoyed, and downright uninspired, I acted on my on belief. I sought inspiration. It was simple. I just looked over some of the pictures I took earlier, checked out some things in my portfolio room. I saw the quick unfinished doodle I was working on for color inspiration for a personal project. Then it clicked. This is why I do this, this is why I wanted to share this.

The pretty pictures, the uplifting quotes…they’re nice and they’re inspiring. But inspiration is always right in front of you in an infinite amount of forms.

Not needing inspiration is like not needing to breathe…it’s not possible.

I try to believe anything is possible, but in this case, I’m ok with not believing so.

People naturally need to do. We exist to do. Inspiration can be why we do, components of what we do, how we do, when it will be done, and who we do it for. Look at even the body and the mind. From hunger, to sickness, to stimulation and beyond, they are inspired by the many statuses throughout their entire time of use, though it’s more commonly seen as involuntary, necessary, or natural aspects.

If looking at one of the definitions of inspiration: the act of drawing in; specifically :the drawing of air into the lungs…it can be said that inspiration is simply what we take in, what we receive. You can be the farthest from creative, but whatever you learn, see or experience has the potential to be inspiration. And at some point, it will be.

As I mentioned before, I was typing this post throughout the day. At some point, I felt the urge to seek inspiration for something I’m working on. I knew I wanted texture, color, and some words. With my phone in hand, I just snapped photos of whatever caught my eye in my room. When I was done with pictures, I took a seat at my desk and doodled for few a minutes, roughly blending colors that pulled me in together. These things may appear random to some, but to me…a new creation.


random rough blending, perhaps more than some color inspiration is coming from this


words to remember while creating, adhered to my wall

wpid-wp-1439266641152.jpg wpid-wp-1439266628623.jpg wpid-wp-1439266596715.jpg

From left to right: the shimmer of my bookcase, the vibrant color fabrics for pillows I’m making for my aunt, and glimmering shards that look great modge-podged onto anything.

My intention was never to get preachy. If I am, then I’m just preaching to myself. Always reminding myself of my very beliefs. As usual though, I shared this because on any scale, small or large, running into any of the inspiration blocks will happen. This is just some ways that I approached it.

This is what inspired me. And this post is the result of my inspiration.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤

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