Day 11: 25till25 Photo Journey

Wow. It’s day 11 already of my 25till25 journey. I only planned to take a break from days 4 through 6.

So, how’s it been going?

It’s been going. Some days are better than most, but I’m learning a lot and seeing a lot of the personal changes ive been fighting for taking effect.

This post, however is not about my changes or thoughts. I dont sit around contemplating life all day. Haha.

In my previous post about my indulgences, I revealed that I want to capture memories. When I first decided what to do during this journey, taking pictures of myself, places, whatever I wanted daily was on the list. After taking pictures 11 days straight, i need something fun to do with them and future photos Like an electronic scrapbook. I have a fee ideas, but id really like for other to join in on this one.

So here are the rules:

25 is a the lucky number and we’re going to use the alphabet (use two letters for one of your photos). Take a photo for a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet (except one). Simple enough and nothing new. The deadline for a post with all 25 of your photos will be August 27th. Be sure to use tags #25till25 or #25t25photochallenge so i can find participants. Get creative and use different networks and make multiple posts. Take your photos shamelessly in public or snap a few intimate moments.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s posts!

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


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