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Blogmas: Day 1 | Christmas Bucket List

Happy Blogmas Day 1, Guys!

Upon deciding to participate in Blogmas, I knew I needed to do research and figure out exactly how I was going to do this thing. What will I post about daily until Christmas Day? My research and brainstorming really got me into the holiday spirit and inspired this post about what I’d like to do this holiday season.

In recent  years, my enthusiasm during the holidays has wavered. Money woes, family and relationship woes, random woes seem to hit really hard around this time. I’m hoping this year whatever I’m feeling sticks around, along with the momentum fueled by going on this Blogmas journey.

I’ve come up with a list of 25 things I’d like to this Christmas season. It was fairly easy for me to compile it and I hit the 25 mark fairly quickly. I also find it appropriate that it’s a list of 25, going along with the 25 Days of Christmas and my 25Till25 thing I’m so into. With a few Christmas blessings and a little hope, I may be able to actually do all 25 of the things I’ve listed below. So in no particular order, here goes:

1. Visit New York City
I’ve been to NYC plenty of times, but not once have I dived into the cliche Christmas attractions. Ice skating in Central Park, seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center, gazing at window displays, and hunting down the city’s best hot chocolate. Maybe another visit to the Botanical Gardens and a winter picnic in Prospect Park is in my near future.

2. Make a Christmas Calendar
…and put little gifts for each day. This is a DIY I’ve should have done long ago.

3. Make a Christmas Garment
I usually know what I’ll be wearing on Christmas Day days before, but this year, I’d like to wear something designed and constructed by me.

4. Take Cutesy Christmas Photos
Maybe not the typical ones with Santa, but I’d definitely like to keep it cliche with a huge tree in the background, cheesy poses, and maybe even under the mistletoe…which leads me to:

5. Kiss Under the Mistletoe
I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before, but I can’t recall when. Dating during the holiday season just doesn’t seem right without doing it.

6. Wear a Festive Costume
For anyone who knows me, this shouldn’t be a surprise. I wish I could live a life in costume because I’m always caught up in some fantasy world. Ideally, I’d be a Christmas elf. =)

7. Complete a Festive Makeup Look
With glitter, of course!

8. Go Ice Skating
Preferably in Central Park in NYC, but the RiverRink will suffice as well. It’s actually quite beautiful, overlooking the Delaware River and the Jersey buildings across from the pier.

9. DIY a Gift (or maybe all of them)
Not just because I’m on the tightest budget, but I’d really like to avoid the stress of consumerism. And while every gift I give is from the heart, I’d like to make one or all of them special and one of kind.

10. Christmasfy My Room
I would actually like to decorate for every holiday I celebrate, but the way my room is set up…let’s just not get into this, ok?

11. Make a Special Ornament
As a child, I remember making several ornaments in school over the years. I have no clue where all those masterpieces are now, but I should use my creative little hands and make 1 or 10.

12. Volunteer for Something Christmas-related
For a while now, I’ve been feeling like volunteering more. The season of Christmas is all about giving and that’s what I’m really focusing on. I want to give back and the opportunities to are abundant right now. Having fun while making a difference is really the best feeling.

13. See an Outdoor Show
This goes back to me living in a fantasy world. Is there someplace where I can be transported to a real-life Winter Wonderland? I don’t mind being cold while in awe of a great show. Something beyond flickering lights and a few jingles, please!

14. Attend a Christmas Party
Attending parties isn’t a normal thing for me and it’s been years since I’ve been to a true Christmas party. Maybe I’ll like egg nog better with a little rum in it… maybe I want to dance the night away in my reindeer ears.

15. Watch Miracle of 34th Street
There aren’t many traditions in my family, if there are any at all. But my mother and I always watch this movie and it’s never planned. I think I’ll feel something is missing if she and I don’t watch it together this year.

16. Visit the Library
Random, I know. I can go to the library anytime. I’m actually in the library often. I’m in the library as I type this! But what I mean specifically is that I’d like to do some research on Christmas. I’ve been seeing around the interweb people’s thoughts about Christmas and things they’ve learned about Christmas. It really has me thinking and I’d like to know what Christmas is…all around the world and for other peoples. The library tends to put on display books and such that would be popular for the season. I’m certain if I spend a couple hours reading about Christmas, I’ll learn something new.

17. See an Unpopular Local Attraction
If you Google “what to do in Philadelphia this Christmas season”, you will get the same typical results. Visit Christmas Village, go check out Dilworth Park, go ice skating, see The Nutcracker. Sure, that all sounds nice….to someone who hasn’t lived here one’s entire life. I’d like to do something unusual and with a “locals-only” vibe to it.

18. Have a Lazy Holiday Movie Day
My mom watches these movies on Hallmark….every year. And sometimes, I watch them with her. We’ll need a break from all this active fun at some point. Let’s get cliche and cuddle up on the couch with a mug of Hot Cocoa and cry and laugh at these Hallmark and ABC Family movies. Is ABC Family still a thing?

19. Send Holiday Cards to Friend and Family
Last year, I did a few shifts in the Christmas section of the department store I was working in and repeatedly interacted with little elderly ladies fussing over which box of cards to buy that year. I’m not really sure why, but I wanted to be like them. I personally think it’ll be a nice surprise.

20. Do an Un-Haul
Many people seem to go on shopping hauls this time of year. I will not be amongst them. I also have a lot of stuff I don’t want to bring into the new year and it’s time to un-haul…again. It’ll also be a good way to find any re-gifts. Perhaps, i should un-haul BEFORE Christmasfying my room to give myself a neat and clean space to decorate.

21. Wear Christmas Matching Outfits
If you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda a sucker for the corny and cheesy cute things. It would honestly be the most fun and impressive thing if I’d match with someone everyday until and on Christmas.

22. Attend a Church Service
I am religious, but I don’t attend church. I have a few reasons why I’m not compelled to go to church, but one thing I do appreciate about my religion is its views on community. I’d like to attend a service about Christmas because those are always awesome and I hope it inspires me to belong to the church community again.

23. 12 Days of Vlogmas
Who doesn’t want to vlog now-a-days? I know it’s so much fun and I’ve been wanting to make videos for sooooooo long. I’m sure there are others who share the same sentiment. Instead of diving into Vlogmas the way I have Blogmas, I’d like to do just a little planning before hand. I know how much goes into shooting nice videos and editing them.

24. Have a Stress-free Holiday Season
The most important thing on this list. I want the Christmas season to be all about spending time with loved ones, spreading the spirit, and staying focused on having a good and purposeful life. No getting caught up in material gifts and overspending. No overcomplicating what to do and with whom. No making a mess of the end of the year and thinking I’ll have time to clean it all up in the beginning of the next.

25. Do It All on a Budget!!!
Just because I want to have big fun doesn’t mean I gotta spend the big bucks. Budget forces me to get creative and being creative is one of my most favorite ways to be.

So there goes! I think today was a successful Blogmas Day 1 and I’m already geared up for tomorrow. With that said, I’ll leave you with this: “What are you all looking to do this Christmas season?”

Till tomorrow,

SiddeeQah ❤


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