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Blogmas: Day 2 | DIY Advent Calendar Jar

Welcome back to my Blogmas for Day 2!

Today, I have a DIY that I spoke about in my previous post. I wanted an easy, yet unique Advent Calendar that would be one-of-a-kind and super budget-friendly (only spent $4). Had a lot of fun doing this and I’m going to do a few more.

The main idea for the Advent calendar jar is to put 25 “gifts” in the jar and each day whoever you have given it to will retrieve a “gift’, essentially counting down to Christmas day. Since this particular jar was somewhat made for my boyfriend, it’s full of 25 sweet notes full of romantic words and mushy feelings, but the notes can be tailored for anyone.



Glass jar – Decorations –  Strong Adhesive – Construction paper

For decorations, I used poms poms and an Xmas tree ornament.
For decorations, I used poms poms and an Xmas tree ornament.


Step 1: Decorate your jar! I adhered the Xmas tree ornament to the outside of the jar, adorned the lid with pompoms and filled the bottom of the jar with the rest of the fuzzy balls. Stretched pompoms made an awesome snow effect.

wp-1449099540602.jpg    wp-1449098598733.jpg


Step 2: Cut shapes from the constructions and write your notes. I used a bear shape because I literally call my new beau Bear. I had my helper cut out 25 bears from various colors and we folded them in half after I wrote notes on each one.


Step 3: Stuff your jar! Take out one gift daily or watch your loved one do so.

The finished product!!
The finished product!!

Easy peasy!! I hope you guys liked this DIY. What do you think? Will you be DIYing for Christmas?

Till tomorrow,

SiddeeQah ❤




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