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Blogmas: Day 3 | Re-gifting With a Twist

How many of us are brave enough to re-gift? I have no shame in re-gifting. My clutter becomes a great gift for another and my pockets are thankful for the lack of spending. Today, I’ll share how to feel better about re-gifting and some ways to personalize them towards the people in your life.

Wrap it nicely!

I think it’s all in the presentation when it comes to re-gifting. Buy a glamorous gift box or bag OR go beyond that and add some personal touches.

Here are some really cool and eco-friendly ways to dress-up your re-gifts:
10 Stylish and Sustainable Ways to Wrap Gifts

Leave a note!

This is especially important for those of us who may feel hesitant about re-gifting. Not only does it give you the chance to explain why your gift is so great, it’s just a nice touch to add any type of gift. For the more obvious re-gifts, leave a snarky note about how the gift is in better hands or tell a story about the origins of the gift. Everyone loves a story. Even further, you can leave suggestions for what someone could do with the item(s).

Spruce It Up!

This kind of goes along with the presentation, but deserves a spot of its own. No matter how nicely it’s packaged or what notes come along with it, the gift is the star. Try to choose quality items. If ever you receive a gift or a buy an item you’re absolutely not going to use, return it or wrap it up immediately. This may save us from a little trouble when it comes to lazy or last-minute gifting.

Set Gifting Standards

Gift-giving gets stressful. Sometimes, we can avoid that and choose to do things unconventionally. So like we have $25 Pollyanna’s, we can have Re-gift Christmases. With a group of family or friends, offer to have at least one (or all) gifts be re-gifts. It’ll take some pressure off everyone and save money.

I hope these tips may help someone out there and provide reassurance to those who are hesitating on re-gifting. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a Part 2 to this with actual re-gift ideas based on the type of people you may know. Thanks for reading!

Till tomorrow,

SiddeeQah ❤

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