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Blogmas: Day 4 | Re-gifting With a Twist…Part 2

Late post today, I’m sorry guys. I decided against trying to rush posting today and kept it stress free. Moving on, I’m back again with my second round of tips on re-gifting and now that we all feel better about it, I’d like to inspire what to give to your various loved ones. If we go into this with the idea…that a re-gift doesn’t have to start out as a gift that you received first, then our creative possibilities are endless. All your possessions are free game.

For the TV buff:

We all know a person who loves TV and movies and re-gifting them may seem impossible. The obvious way to go is to scoop up some old dvds and wrap it up. Maybe we can take that a little further by burning their fave movies (from your personal collection) and putting them on a cute flash drive. You put certain movies in different folders, giving each folder a cool name. Another idea is to gift your streaming site, if they don’t have one of their own. Create a new email with a neutral name to replace your email under your, for example, Netflix account. Name their profile and make a list with a bunch or movies and shows they love. Gift it by printing the username and password with fancy font on cardstock and put it in an envelop. Simple virtual re-gifting.

For the Artist:

I once gifted my friend all of the charcoal I had in my art box. I put it in a cute bag and he was really happy with it. For any of your artist loved ones, a box of supplies is always key. Packaging is not required, but a some creative presentation will go a long way. Also any books consisting mainly of images or artistry techniques are great tools for inspiration for any artist.

For the Bookworm:

This could possibly be the easiest or the hardest. My tip is to re-gift books with a purpose. Maybe relate some books to the giftee’s personal life. For example, your giftee is a new mother and you own a book with a main character who is also a new mother. Leave a funny note showcasing the similarities and do this for a few books. Another fun thing to do is to re-gift books you’ve actually read and leave post-it notes with commentary. A bookworm could appreciate the feeling of really sharing this reading experience.

For the Fashionista:

Go vintage, go nichey, go unique. Three statement pieces in great quality would be the perfect addition to a fashionista’s closet. But if you’re lacking some statement pieces, every fashionista need staples. Plain colored tees or denim bottoms will do, but again…presentation is key. This isn’t limited to clothing; jewelry and other accessories are free game, as well. Perhaps, pull two full outfits with complementary accessories and tell a story by suggesting the giftee wear it to a favorite place. I know it seems really repetitive at this point, but personalizing a gift makes it that much more special.

For the Decorator:

I’m the fashionista, but this is the most fun re-gifting for me. We all know someone who loves decorating all their spaces and we all have some decorations in our basements. Re-gifting is easy enough by wrapping up some wall pieces. However, I think consolidating a few old candles, putting some personal touches on unused photo frames, or giving up that comforter set you have yet to open can be more special. There’s so much DIY potential when re-gifting a decorator.

For the Techie:

Re-gifting for techies is interesting. A lot of us aren’t swimming in gadgets, but I think the coolest items to re-gift are those rare oldies that we can’t find on the market anymore. A black-and-white camcorder or a polaroid camera seem to fit the bill, but if you don’t have a bunch of gadgets hanging around, it becomes DIY-time. I actually would like to gift a techie in my life with a macabre bracelet made from cords or a cell-phone case adorned with the ends of phone charges and headphone cords. Being gifted an item that showcases your interest is just as cool as being gifted an item that is of your interest.

I may not have touched on every type of person you may know, but I think this is a good start on how to approach re-gifting anyone. Here’s to us all becoming re-gifting experts!!!

Do you have tips on re-gifting? Are you re-gifting this year?

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


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