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Blogmas: Day 5 | DIY Christmas Mint Body Scrub

Hey, all. It’s Blogmas Day 5 and I have another DIY!

I make body scrubs all the time from simple all natural ingredients and today, I’m gonna share a modified version of my in-shower moisturizing treatment. If I’d had to name it, it’d be my Christmas Mint Salt and Sugar Scrub. Modified because I’m adding a little Christmas to it, of course. =).

I love this scrub because it is creamy, it’s lightly scented, and it works. Coconut oil is ultra-moisturizing. Honey is antibacterial and full of antioxidants that the skin benefits from. Lemon is brightening and promotes collagen production. A triple threat!! Let’s get to it:

Step 1: Gather ingredients. I use all natural, organic and raw ingredients (expect for the food coloring). What you’ll need is:

Equal parts (3/4 cup each)- Coconut Oil and Honey
1 tsps Sweet Almond Oil
5-10 drops Peppermint Oil
1/3 Lemon
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/4-1/2 cup Epsom Salt
Food coloring

Empty glass jar
Ziplock bags
Measuring tools
Large mixing bowl



Step 2: Color the Epsom salt. Split the salt between bags and add food coloring. Start with a few drops and add more until coloring is uniform and as desired. Let salt sit out. I chose to use red and green food coloring.

Step 3: Combine coconut oil and honey in large bowl and mix on medium high for about 2 minutes or until lumps in the coconut oil is gone. Add sweet almond oil, peppermint oil, and lemon juice. Mix between each ingredient until a yogurt-like consistency is created.


Step 4: Add sugar and mix on low. Gently stir (NOT MIX) in colored salt and pour into jar.

Step 5: Decorate! This step is optional, but how could you resist. Take a picture of your new scrub!


If you try out this DIY, please share your thoughts with me! Also look forward to more DIY body care posts. I have several recipes to share.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


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