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Blogmas: Day 7 | A Christmas Wish

Happy Blogmas Day 7, everyone!

Today, I want to share a more personal post. I think what inspired this post is the reality of this season. Holiday cheer may be in our faces all the time, but this is honestly a very stressful time of year; many people have all types of Christmas experiences and not all of them are Hallmark perfect. Though, I’m not setting this post up to be depressing, I do want to focus on a serious subject.

I can say I have lived a pretty nice life. I’ve witnessed struggles and challenges, but I’m safe, alive, and have always had the necessities in life. Even at a young age, Christmas for me was more than what gifts I would receive. Sometimes, I would feel hesitant about showing TOO much excitement about gifts because I really wanted to show that other things mattered to me. Being around my family, being thankful about EVERYTHING I have, and most times religious obligations were just as crucial too me. I didn’t always ask for gifts (but I definitely knew what I wanted when asked lol) and made sure to use gifts that I wasn’t fond of to show appreciation. As an adult, I ask people to get me what I NEED over anything else because  the feelings I’ve had as a child continue to evolve.

Even out of all the gifts I’ve received and fun things I’ve done for Christmas, there has always been one thing I wished for…still do. I have a pretty small family and normally, when I’m speaking of family, I’m speaking of my mom. Of course, there are several other relatives, but it’s pretty rare in my family that we can attend large Christmas gatherings together. I think if I had one Christmas wish, it would be to make it normal to have a large portion of my family around for Christmas…for a family gathering to sound like a blessing more than it sounds like a bullet to be dodged. I look back to my younger years and recall how close my relatives were in my mom’s and grandma’s generation; I find myself wanting that with the relatives in my generation. I can say I may feel even more comfortable calling up my older relatives and joking around than my younger relatives. Not as a result of anything negative or drastic, we’re all pretty distant…and after the loss of my grandmother last year, I feel the distance has become greater. I believe it’s due to everyone doing different things, developing different interests, and moving different places. Though I don’t see any of those to be reason to keep family apart, it’s the unfortunate truth.

Sometimes it bothers me that I feel I would be the primary force to keep my family relationships strong at first, but I’m moving back into a space where that’s ok with me again. For anyone reading that’s experienced something similar, what tips could you offer me? Feel free to share your experiences and your Christmas wishes with me! See you again on Day 8.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤

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