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Blogmas: Day 14 | Keeping the Holiday Spirit I

Happy Blogmas 14!

A few days ago, I published a Blogmas post about keeping up the holiday spirit and promise to revisit it. SO should I post at the end of the next nine Blogmas posts or should I publish separates posts to share what I have been doing for each technique??? Please offer your suggestions.

1. Focus on good memories.

This week, I said my final goodbye to a friend of mine. We were friends for 11 years and besties for many of those.  One of our last conversations, we spoke about how we’ll always be friends no matter how far apart we become. With her, there was always 2 things present, love and fun fun FUN. A night with her always ended with us exhausted from the night’s activities and her yelling “Love you, Sidd-kee!” I try to really keep a positive facade and outlook, but inside I feel really….sad. A really deep sadness. Her death not only makes me mourn for her loss, but brings about the grief I still face because of the loss of my grandmother. How does one ever really deal with death?

Focusing on good memories is something I practice everyday, especially before sleep when thoughts affect me the most. I think about how great my life is because of the people I’ve lost and because of the people I have. Many of my favorite moments in life involve these people and I am filled with appreciation and gratefulness. I don’t hold back the laughs at a funny thought or ignore what reminds me of them. Doing this keeps me strong despite any sadness and inspires me to keep it stress-free and memorable with the loved ones around me. It won’t always be perfect and that’s ok, as long as everyone knows I love them and cherish the time we have together. Not focusing on so many of the trivial things we get caught up in during this time, helps me achieve further that during this holiday season.

Stay tuned for #2 =)

Feel free to download and keep for a reminder.

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤

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