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Blogmas: Day 15 | Keeping the Holiday Spirit II

This post makes Blogmas 15!! and it’s focused on number #2 of my list on Keeping Up the Holiday Spirit!

Give! Give! Give!

The first thing I think about when I see “Give, give, give” is…am I giving enough? I often feel like I don’t give as much as I can and especially not as much as I like to. Ideally, I’d love to be a staple volunteer somewhere, or known as the giving friend, or even the one my family members know they can always call on for help. But I must always remember that I’m not superwoman and I also have to remember that the small things matter, too.

But what does giving have to do with high spirits? There have been several social experiments and studies that demonstrate the positive affect giving has on individuals. Recently, I’ve noticed that displaying my positive reactions to good news outwardly is small way of giving. Instead of just assuming that people will get how happy I am for them, I like to reassure them by actually saying it.

A method I can really see myself adopting is thinking of giving as focusing your attention on someone other than yourself with the other person’s needs or wants in mind. So, it is not limited to a gifting an item or providing a service, but can be as simple as a smile or a hug, a thank you or a have a good day.

How are you giving this season?

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤





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