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A Goodbye to Blogmas

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful holiday season overall.

The new year is almost here, so technically the holidays are still in full swing, right? Sort of, I suppose. I want to say a goodbye to Blogmas and not leave it off where I left it. The holidays for me was overall nice. I got my wish of spending time with those I love on Christmas. As life would have it normally, there are always obstacles to overcome and that’s why I focused the last half of Blogmas on staying in the holiday spirit. Though not without a few bumps, I’m happy to conclude I practiced each action on the list.


I made this list for the holidays, but it’s something I’d love to use throughout my everyday life. Even on days when I didn’t feel best, with the support of the ones I love and staying true to the list I created, I still achieved a positive outcome.

Moving along, here’s a question. Would I do Blogmas again? To this question, I cannot give a yes or a no, however I can admit that daily blogging is a little more fun than it is exhausting. As I type this, I have definitely been missing typing out a post everyday. So, perhaps if I do embark on Blogmas again, I would like to have either a plan for each day before I start or to completely wing it focusing only on one topic. Either way, I’m happy I did what I have and I’m happy to have the people who have traveled along with me. Thank you all!

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤


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