Follow Your Own Line: My Point Break Obsession

I happen to see the remake of Point Break on the 30th of December…

I really don’t know how to explain what I feel about this movie, but I really liked it, probably more than that. Seeing the trailer didn’t give me much interest, but then I saw an extended trailer and decided I might as well check it out. I was in the mood to see some amazing stunts and cinematography without having to care much about the plot. I should say I ended up loving the plot.

Many reviewers commented on the actors’ performances and the plot holes, but I care nothing about that. I loved how these characters, badly written or not, fricking went hard for what they believed in and didn’t let fear (nor death) stop them from “following their own line.” If their line led them to death, for them they were fine with it because it was theirs.


While I’m not inspired to do something so extreme, I’ve been motivated to just GO. To just live. I’ve always been a do-what-I-want person. Extreme enough for a thrill, but grounded enough to understand the value of making good decisions.

Now what made these characters so extreme wasn’t just the crazy surfing and flying around mountains in little wingsuits, but the WHY they did these things. The Ozaki 8. A made-up (sadly) philosophy that mixes extreme sports, giving back, and spiritual enlightment. Here’s the list:

Emerging Force

Birth of Sky

Awakening Earth

Life of Water

Life of Wind

Life of Ice

Master of Six Lives

Act of Ultimate Trust

Wanna figure out what all this means? Go see the movie.


I think the whole Ozaki 8 concept was really accurate to today’s way of life. There are so many belief systems out there and it is common to interact with another person who has a spiritual journey so very different your own. The original Point Break took a simple “steal from the system, give to the poor”, but in this one, it goes a little deeper. We live in such a sensitive times, there are so many more acts that could affect people than just taking/giving money.

Upon reaching the end of the movie, the idea of “following your own line” becomes very clear. Each character really claims his/her destiny, no matter how much control (or lack there of) there may be of it. After watching the movie, a real urge to declare who the hell you are riles up. So, in cliche fashion, I’m going to do just that. =)

I declare to be me and to be however creative, beautiful, passionate, sexy, powerful, loud, silly, opinionated, and knowledge-seeking as I wish. I proclaim to banish or acquire whatever traits I see fit to create the best me and on my time. My fears and self-limitations will not reign over my destiny.

Lol. That was fun. But I’m very serious. I think I’ve made it pretty clear how important it is for me to be….me.



Moving forward on a note that focuses more on actions instead of words, I don’t want to let this Ozaki 8 thing go as just something that inspired me for a moment. I don’t want this post to be the only thing produced from that inspiration. I’m chasing The Eight…..by doing things that will be thrilling and life-changing. Experiences that will really allow me to see the wondrous things on this planet. This won’t be the last time you’ll hear me talk about this. What a fun side adventure it will be..

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤



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