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My Blogging Experience and My Blog’s Direction

Hey all!! I must warn you, this is a longer post than usual. Or maybe this is a usual post before I shorten it. Either way, I’m hoping to really engage with other bloggers and those who are interesting in blogging with this post.

Over the last few months, I’ve been seeking clarity on what I want to make of my blog. I know that I can make it whatever I wish, but during a time where monetization of blogs can be so successful, it’s tempting to want to commit to a niche, a method, or something. Apparently, there’s this formula involving what’s popular, what’s captivating, and what’s different all at the same time…and this “formula” will result in blogging success. There are countless webinars, articles, e-books, and challenges that are to help bloggers along; many are meant to teach us all how to make a 6-figure income off of what we post onto the internet. Within the past year, I have attended several events for entrepreneurs, students, bloggers, etc and at each one, the attendees were urged to have blogs and to have them “like yesterday”. Blogging is awesome. Clearly, I believe so because I’ve been doing it for almost a year now..and I’m going to continue doing it. I love blogging, but I can admit, I don’t love everything that blogging seems it should be.  I agree that blogs are great marketing tools and can be used to make money. But I do see an over excessive emphasis on blogging. Everyone is not going to love doing it and everyone is not going to need to. Success does not equate to having a domain online for your works.


To really share my blogging experience, I’d like to give some background. Around 2010, I became interested in blogging. Unfortunately, I was slow to start, too busy trying to figure out a formula that will work for me and to narrow down what to actually blog about. I had so many interests. I loved the runway fashions, fashion DIYs, and exploring fashion from a cultural point of view. On the contrary, I was also a HUGE anime and gaming fan. So huge, that it took up majority of my time. Now, my interests have expanded. My outlook on the fashion world is different. It’s less involved with the mainstream and more involved with the impact that the industry has, whether on the planet or on the individual. I spend more time dabbling in natural body care and on mini journeys of self improvement and awareness. My reading has shifted from novels to primarily fanfiction and manga to novels again. I’m an art student with a new appreciation for art like never before. I could keep going, but I believe my point is made. I have a lot of interests.

quoteMy main objective personally and professionally has always been to combine my fascination for fantasy and my real world experience. My values lie in what is purposeful, fulfilling, entertaining and unmistakably SiddeeQah. And I’ve just wanted my blog to reflect that. When I finally got over what has kept me from blogging, I made it a serious commitment and I’ve been posting since February 2015 whatever I’ve been inspired to share. Now, I run into a different issue. My blog doesn’t reflect enough of my interests or personality. However, I have some ideas on how to fix that. What I ultimately want to achieve is when you visit my site, it’ll be like walking into a large room full of things I experience, learn, and that interests me. Love, Siddbabii is my outlet.

My frustration comes in when what I talked about earlier creeps in. That is the trend that is blogging now. The misconception that this is one of the end alls and be alls of success. The pressure to be what’ll attract readers and slowly sneaking in bits of what you really wish to do. I’m deciding to go against these formulas that all these blogging experts have divulged and just do my own thing. Having a successful blog to me is being able to look at every post and know each one was authentic. I want to see posts that are outside of my comfort zone, posts that are engaging, and posts that ooze those values I spoke of earlier (purposeful, fulfilling, entertaining and unmistakably SiddeeQah).

Currently, I want more structure with my blog and a few new additions. It will be like organizing my room and adorning it with all the pretty decor I’ve had stored away somewhere. I know my new direction will keep “the room” clean and allow more time and creativity for my future posts.

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