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New Direction of My Blog

As promised, here’s part 2. (This is also a page 2 for this post)

I have ideas I want to execute to bring consistency to my blog.

A Weekly Post. I don’t know what I will call it, but I want to do like a weekly “share journal” consisting of my highlights (or lows), faves, and whatever piqued my interest throughout the week.

Monthly TBRs and Wrap-ups. All about books. I’m mostly inspired creatively by the fiction world. Which leads to:

TheCreative. Maybe I’ll change the name, maybe I won’t. Basically, it’ll be like an online portfolio with sketches, drawing studies, schoolwork, and personal projects. Not only will I make monthly posts, but I have a section that’ll contain all of the works. I have this incredible push to just create and I’m tired of personal limits holding me back.

Inspiration Mondays. I was unsure about bringing IM back at first because it take a lot of emotional and personal reflection, but I think that’s healthy and now I feel pumped to do it again.


Focusing on monthly posts gives me that freedom to throw in that occasional impromptu post.

What I’d like to end with on this post are some questions. I’m really interested in others’ experiences with blogging. How has your blogging journey been and what are some obstacles you’ve overcome to get to where you are? Am I the only one who feels this push for everyone to become bloggers? Please feel free to share anything on this topic of blogging.

Thanks for reading. =)

Till next time,



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