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Once Every Seven: Weekly Post 1.22.16

Hey all!

One of my goals for the new direction for my blog is to start a weekly journal like series. Here’s my first post!

This past week has been an indoors week for me, but honestly it has been this way for almost a month now. I am not an indoors kind of girl, I’m more like 70% going out, enjoying the city, being amongst some action and 30% relaxing, reflecting, and rejuvenating. A lot of my time went to applying for work and I think it’s paid off for I might have landed a new job today (finger crossed!!).



1. Television: The Bachelor and Younger
I looooved this week episode of The Bachelor. Jubilee and Ben’s date had me so giddy and blushing; but I was mainly screaming YESSSS because their date wasn’t the typical Bachelor date. Jubilee has real struggles and wasn’t afraid to show her complexity…that’s shined in the date.

If you watch Younger, you can feel the tension between Liza and Josh building even more. I love that Josh really wants to be with her…and honestly. Liza is just so caught up in being younger, she’s missing so many points right now. I think my favorite scene of this episode though was Maggie’s sex party. Sooo funny, I love how free Maggie is. If you don’t watch this, OMG…give it a watch.

2. Eating out with the Mother
My mom and I eat out quite often and we have our usual spots. We decided to try a place we don’t normally eat which was Ruby’s Tuesday. I got three types of salad at the salad bar (the broccoli salad was sooooo good)  and cajun pasta jambalaya. For a chain restaurant, the food was pretty good (my mom didn’t think so). I ended up eating both of our leftovers, so I’m definitely not complaining.

3. New app alert: CyberDust
Can’t say that everyone will love this app because of where it is in development, but 1. I like getting into apps early and 2. I like the content I’m receiving from it. Because I’m an entrepreneur, I seek out a lot of information about the business and startups, but more than that I’m someone who loves to be entertained. This app is fun but void of some of the stupidity you’ll find on other sites. Like Mark Cuban said, it’s Snapchat for adults. I really hope when Cuban officially launches this app, it gets really big.

Here’s an invite. Follow me at +siddeeqahhh

4. This video
If you’re an entrepreneur or if you plain old like money watch this. I can’t say I agree with all the opinions of Mark Cuban, but one can’t deny his intelligence. My fave Youtube watch this week.


1. Beginning a new semester.
I’m a Studio Arts major, so I normally take a few studio classes a semester, but this time I decided to go part-time. I enrolled in my last two Art History classes (Art from Asia, Africa, and Beyond & History of Modern Art).

2. Starting courses on Coursera.
Coursera is a site that offers MOOCs from some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. I enrolled in Learning How to Learn and Creativity, Innovation, and Change. In a few days, I’ll be starting the first course of a specialization certificate they offer. It’s really cool and challenging. Check it out if you’re looking to learn something new.

This post was really fun for me and I hope you will enjoy the series. I love feedback! So please engage with me and leave a comment, shoot me a message, or contact me on social media.

Share your faves and highlights of this week or ask me any questions what I shared above.

I look forward to next week’s Once Every Seven because I have no idea what next week is going to look like. It’s been a rough couple of months, but I’ve been patient. Slowly but surely I am seeing improvements and some of my hard work paying off.


BTW, I really liked writing about The Bachelor and Younger. I think it’s something I might be doing in the future.


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