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#InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

Happy Monday!

As sure as I am of what I like, I can’t explain how many times I second-guessed if I liked something or not. How strange is that? Shouldn’t we know what it is that we like. I believe that most of the time the question isn’t even “Do I like this?” , but “Is it ok for me to like this?”. Sometimes, we seek some sort of validation from a silent authority, whether it’s society’s standard or some sort of trend.

Over the past few weeks, I personally chose to think about this based on what I wish to do professionally and academically. When thinking about graduating and then going on to having a career and starting my own business, I’m always contemplating the best strategy for success. But I sometimes second guess if I’m going the right way or the best way. Do I need a better back-up plan, do I need this or that?…..All of these questions cause me more time, effort…and money. Because everything I want to do professionally is centered around my creativity, I needed to really look within and declare to myself what I wanted and what like.

For me, putting down some of the things I’ve been thinking on paper was visually inspiring for me. So I’m going to share just a few of my likes and I challenge anyone who reads this to do the same (maybe even share it in the comments, huh?). The like list is a way to focus my thoughts and to let myself know where my like actually lies…. I then counter it with things I have no requirement nor desire to do, but sometimes feel I should like. The like list banishes these shoulds.


  1. I like…..imagining cool, extravagant gowns and clothing. If I were to make it being a successful designer, then I must have left attempting to design streetwear behind. I don’t like designing streetwear, I just like to wear it.
  2. I like….all things beauty, but I don’t wish to turn every aspect of it into a job.
  3. I like….doing things on my own, but I don’t want to do it by myself and only for myself. Sharing my ideas, working with others, and taking in suggestions is a good for my growth.
  4. I like….social media, for business. I don’t like pretending to be a robot and only doing what “sells” or gets attention. I shamelessly cross the line between personal and business all the time because that’s what my business is all about. I like that.

These are just a few, but writing the whole list to myself has jolted a motivation within me. I feeling confident about some of the choices I’m making and about where I’m going. This clarity, along with a few other reality checks has me ready for whats to come.

Is the like list something that will work for you?



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