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Once Every Seven: 1.29.16

Hey guys…=)

Welcome to another week of Once Every Seven.

As to be expected, there aren’t really many changes from last week. I’ve been saying..”oh my, this is my last down week.” Even with knowing that, I still have to tell myself to keep my head up and stay energized. It’s so hard! But it’s necessary because there is no room for laziness when life starts to pick up.

I can say a recurring theme for this week was lots of plans falling through. I’m pretty sure the only thing that went as planned this week was a meetup with friends for a cool community that I started almost 2 years ago. And while that was the overall theme, I think the overall mood was fairly neutral from a combo of cabin fever, trying to stay motivated for my online classes, and job-hunting. However, I still have some highlights and faves for this week below.



  1. Getting accepted to a local maid cafe in my city!!! I frequent anime cons and events a lot, but I’ve been looking for something new in that community. So, when I saw that the maid cafe was looking for new maids, I decided to try out. I won’t be disclosing which maid cafe until all the new maids are officially announced, but to get an idea of a maid cafe similar to the one I belong to, check out Lovely Heart Maid Cafe. They’re a super cute maid group I had a pleasure of seeing in Virginia this past November. =)


  1. YouTube Vids: Been obsessed with travel videos all week, so I’ve been watching so many of those. From the Caribbean to Hawaii to east coast beaches, I’ve been researching it all. Below, is one video I really like from a vlogger who went to Hawaii. So inspiring and beautiful.

    And when I am in the mood to watch other videos, I’m always looking for inspiring, exhilirating videos. I LOVE Casey Niestat’s Youtube. He’s inspiring because he just goes…and he does crazy ass things. Like…..snowboarding around New York after Winter Storm Jonas.

  2. Television: The Profit and The Bachelor.

    I mainly watch CNBC honestly. The Profit is my favorite show on CNBC. Marcus Lemonis is my new favorite person (along with Kevin O’leary from Shark Tank). So this week on The Profit, an artisan marshmallow business was featured…and I really liked this episode because it showed a nasty side of the business world. It started off as usual with seemingly nice owners with their fair share of struggles, but it ended ugly. The owners essentially used Marcus for his money and the publicity the show brings. But it doesn’t end there. The owners were so disinterested and unappreciative of all the resources Marcus brought to the table. This episode really highlighted how weird things get in business.


    Like so many others, of course I love The Bachelor. Ben is THE BEST Bachelor so far in my opinion. He hits on all the Prince Charming requirements, but he’s real. He has interesting, meaningful conversations. He tries to understand, offers reassure, and shows emotion, but he’s also looking to have real fun. Ben doesn’t hold back his flirty side. I didn’t have a favorite moment of The Bachelor this week, I just like the parts with Ben in it. One thing that has concerned me though… is Jubilee. After having such a great week last week, she’s really letting the insecurity get to her. Keep your head up, girl!!! Here’s a barrage of Ben. <3_<3

That’s all for this week. I do look forward to next week with all the cool events I’ll be attending. Thanx for reading. =)



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