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My (Random) Trip to Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hello guys! =)

A trip to any museum in my city is normal for me, especially the Art Museum. I also normally take pictures of whatever catches my eye. This time around I wanted to share it with you.

Philadelphia, my city.

While enjoying the city with my boyfriend one weeknight, I knew I wanted to check out the Art Museum, a little for inspiration but mostly to hit up another area in the museum I haven’t seen. I vaguely remember visiting the contemporary wing of the museum, but we perused around other areas I’m sure. Amongst those, I found a bunch of painting by Monet. As an art student, of course, Monet is a name that is commonly heard, but could I put a painting to the name before that night?…probably not. His paintings were so beautiful, colorful. The overall feel of each painting was light and peaceful with a setting anyone would love to explore alone or with a significant other.

From left: Claude Monet, “Marine View near Étretat”Claude Monet“Bend in the Epte River near Giverny”. Claude Monet, “Poplars on the River Epte, seen from the marsh”.  Claude Monet, “Morning at Antibes”. Claude Monet, 1891 Three Poplar Trees in the Autumn”. Claude Monet, “Under the Pines, Evening”. (Some revision may be required).


Since, I frequent museums so often, I may share more like this in the future. Stay tuned =)



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