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Happy August!! a.k.a Everyday is My Birthday

In 26 days, I’ll be 26!

I think I started a slight tradition with wanting to celebrate my birthday everyday of the month August last year. But it feels so good to take a moment out of each day and gift myself. I started to notice how anything, no matter how small or how untraditional, can be a gift to myself. By the end of the month, I was very happy within; I felt good!

So while, I’m not creating a series like I did last year (#25to25), I will post my journey to not only share with others but to have something to look back on as well. I know I’m going to enjoy many of the things I have planned this month, but I’m also in an overall “go with the flow” type of mood this month. So we’ll seeee.

Until next time,



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