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Twinkle VoxBox! Unboxing and Review

Happy 2017!! It’s been awhile since I’ve created a new post, but the time I’ve taken off has allowed me to expand upon ideas for Love, Siddbabii. I’m excited for what’s to come. Stick with me 🙂


– Twinkle VoxBox from Influenster –


Allow me to share with you my Twinkle VoxBox from Influenster. This is the third box I’ve received from Influenster, each differing greatly from the others. My first was the Goddess VoxBox (probably my favorite because I’m such a girly girl) had all feminie products for the body and clothing, while the next was the NestleSplashofFun VoxBox, centered around Nestle flavored water and beach products. The Twinkle VoxBox is the most unique so far.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for my honest review.


At first, it appears to be a hodge podge of items that don’t seem to relate, but rummage through again and you’ll see it’s the perfect lifestyle box. Let us unbox!



Items listed clockwise starting at 12 o’clock. Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion; CoverGirl So Lashy Mascara; OREO Thins; Hills Bros. Hot Cocoa; Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners; AXE Night Body Wash;  Not Your Mother’s Unscented Dry Shampoo; (not pictured) Original Country Crock buttery spread



As I said above, the Twinkle VoxBox is like the perfect lifestlye box. Therefore, I will list the products in the order I would use them throughout my day. Also, next to the name I will rate the product 1 – 5 stars, 1 being Please, dont buy! and 5 being Must have!.

  1. Not Your Mother’s Unscented Dry Shampoo ★★★★ – I can give you 3 reason why was skeptical about using dry shampoo: 1. I sparingly use shampoo to cleanse my hair, 2. I have a thick, kinky texture, and 3. I mainly wear wigs or extentions. I must say I like this to combat product buildup.
  2. Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion ★★★★★ – I don’t personally purchase non-organic lotions for moisturizing. They’re either not really moisturizing or I just don’t like the ingredients in the lotion. But this lotion is not only light, it’s really emollient. I even used it on an itchy patch and I’m sure applying this helped clear it up.
  3. Cover Girl So Lashy Mascara ★★★ – I have received 4 complimentary mascaras in the past 3 months, so I was pretty excited about trying this one. It has a very unique brush. Sadly, I did not like this mascara or the brush. It did not catch my lashes and just overall caused a mess. I’m basically giving 3 stars to the tip of the brush, which is used for separating clumped lashes. It did a pretty good job of that, other wise, I pass on this mascara.
  4. Oreo Thins ★★★★ – I don’t have much to say. Same yummy oreos, just thinner.
  5. Hills Bros. Hot Cocoa ★★ – One word. Bland. I did not enjoy this cocoa. It just lacked the chocolate taste hot cocoa should deliver. If you are someone who likes the idea of coffee or cocoa, but you do not like the taste of coffee or cocoa, this is for you. Does that make sense? I do have to give it to Hill Bros for the richness of the cocoa though. It has a vey gourmet taste to it. I honestly think this would taste good with flavored creamers and add-ins, but just fails as a stand-alone.
  6. AXE Night Body Wash ★★★★ – I’m sure this is intended for men, but I’ve noticed with this and other AXE shower products, that the scents appeal to women. I have a simple review. Light, crisp scent and relaxing. I do recommend for an after or night shower.

I won’t be reviewing the buttery spread or slow cooker sheets for they will be featured in a future post.


Are you interested in Influenster and receiving boxes like this? Use my referral code and join Influenster:

It’s honestly a lot of fun and there’s more to it than reviewing products. You can unlock badges, whether you receive a box or choose to complete a Virtual Vox. You can learn a lot about products or read articles from beauty to health to electronics.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Till next time,




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