How The Blog Connect 2017 Taught Me to Blog It Better

I’m back, loves! And I want to tell you about so many of the cools things I have done over the last few months. Let’s start with April. The month was so busy and full of changes with a lot of money spent. From Sakura Sunday, to Science After Dark Prom, to what this post is about… The Blog Connect 2017.

5 Ways The Blog Connect Taught Me to Blog It Better

I’ve been following PHL Bloggers for quite some, and was bummed I couldn’t attend
the first Blog Connect last year. I feared the same would happen again, but my mother and I (Mo’Daur) randomly decided..LET’S GO! The overarching theme of the conference was Blog It Better. There were sessions and panels that touched on specific topics, but I did a lot of learning just talking to many fellow blogger attendees as well. Here are my top 5 takeaways from the conferences, all more focused on the emotional side of blogging versus the technical. Enjoy!7

  1. 1. Increasing my social media impact is OK.
    I’m not shallow or self-centered because I take pictures of everything. I’m not doing anything wrong by wanting my Instagram following over 395. I WANT to have genuine engagement with lots of people and so I will. Followers and likes are not everything, but it’s totally fine to have them. Social media has left me with conflicting feelings over the past few years. Started out as a hyper, funny participant of the virtual social world on MySpace and slowly developed into barely voicing my opinions or activities into the voids of social media. I’ve spent a lot more time speaking in a business voice and marketing my ventures. Breaking out of that behavior started a while ago, maybe in late 2015, but it has been inconsistent. I have my months where I post all the time and others when I don’t post at all. The Blog Connect has motivated to be myself online again and stop holding back my presence. This leads into my next takeaway.

2. Fearless and expressive > neutral blogging.
Though I’m not a culprit of being a neutral blogger, I def waver in my head between coming off too strong and holding back my voice. But blogging to me is about being expressive and sharing what it is I have to say. There is an obviously fearlessness that comes with that. There were so many great tips given during the conference about speaking in your voice, being honest, and taking blogging risks.


3. There’s enough space for all of us.
One of the stages of starting a blog is the feeling that there is no room for your blog. How untrue is that. I’ve always remember that what I do or say will always be received by someone and can impact their life somehow. Even though I was in the room with dozens of bloggers, my individuality shined brightly and I knew I had a lot to contribute to the blogosphere. The Blog Connect really reassured that there are people and brands out there that will be interested in what I have to offer.

4. One words: BRANDS70F0C95A-8E94-4CB0-A200-871409D818D4
During The Blog Connect, there was plenty of talk about how to connect with brands, work with those you can align with, and not sell yourself short and getting paid what you’re worth. My experience with my organization Cosplay Philadelphia working with brands like Barnes & Noble and Wizard World has taught me a lot about working with/for others. My takeaway from The Blog Connect was less about how to work with brands, but more about the reaffirmation of how much I wish to focus on my own. As a creator, I long to release my own work and see where it takes me. Yet, most of my experience has been me making other organizations known. Not myself. As much as Cosplay Philadelphia is ME, it encompasses something bigger than what I create. The conference has really refocused me on my own creative endeavors.

5. Not letting go of how critical I am about my writing.
I am really big on saying what you mean and meaning what you say, but…. Does writing really matter in my niche? Well, it doesn’t matter to me what the answer is. The answer to me is YES. I know that humans have short attention spans and do not like to read, but we are capable of reading longer articles if interested. But it’s not just the length, it’s the content. I truly care about properly expressing what I have to say and I don’t care much if it’s the most current slang or if it’s the perfect length. People DO appreciate good content, whether lengthy or not. It’s about how you connect with them. That is why I will not let go of how critical I am about what I write.



There was so much food!!! and mostly healthy and organic choices. There was also unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks. I hope they never change how much food we were given!

Mo’Daur was in the building! Check out my mom’s website, GoldiesJourney.com. She has an amazing ongoing fictional story called the Daydream Series. You’ll love it!

The Swag Bag was the best!


Snapped shots with two of the cool and informative speakers. On the left is Andy of InstaDad and on the right is Sola of Let’s Get Going. Check them out!


Thank you for checking out my long overdue post about the Blog Connect. I am so ready to get back to blogging regularly, I miss this!!

Till next time,

SiddeeQah ❤

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