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Hello, December! Blogmas: Day 1

It’s about time I return to blogging and what better time than the season of giving.

In a new state and with a new mindset, I’ll be bringing something different to Blogmas this year. Look forward to:

Preview of a holiday favorite with a twist.


1. Christmas in Vegas

2. Winter White Lookbook

3. My Top 10 “Gifts” of 2017

4. November Faves

5. Christmas DIY!


I really want to make this Blogmas a reflection of me and my experience in 2017. Leaving the cliche behind and touching on more spiritually and mentally motivating topics with a sprinkle of stylish outfits (a.k.a an excuse for a trip to my local bargain store for fashionable deals.)

Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog to take this Blogmas ride with me. Let’s go!

Till next time,

Siddeeqahhh ❤


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