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Hello, December! Blogmas: Day 1

It's about time I return to blogging and what better time than the season of giving. In a new state and with a new mindset, I'll be bringing something different to Blogmas this year. Look forward to:   1. Christmas in Vegas 2. Winter White Lookbook 3. My Top 10 "Gifts" of 2017 4. November… Continue reading Hello, December! Blogmas: Day 1


How The Blog Connect 2017 Taught Me to Blog It Better

I'm back, loves! And I want to tell you about so many of the cools things I have done over the last few months. Let's start with April. The month was so busy and full of changes with a lot of money spent. From Sakura Sunday, to Science After Dark Prom, to what this post… Continue reading How The Blog Connect 2017 Taught Me to Blog It Better

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Twinkle VoxBox! Unboxing and Review

Happy 2017!! It's been awhile since I've created a new post, but the time I've taken off has allowed me to expand upon ideas for Love, Siddbabii. I'm excited for what's to come. Stick with me 🙂   - Twinkle VoxBox from Influenster - Allow me to share with you my Twinkle VoxBox from Influenster.… Continue reading Twinkle VoxBox! Unboxing and Review

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Happy August!! a.k.a Everyday is My Birthday

In 26 days, I'll be 26! I think I started a slight tradition with wanting to celebrate my birthday everyday of the month August last year. But it feels so good to take a moment out of each day and gift myself. I started to notice how anything, no matter how small or how untraditional,… Continue reading Happy August!! a.k.a Everyday is My Birthday

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Inspiration Tuesday: Vision Boarding

I'm back! It's been awhile and I miss blogging! I also miss posting for Inspiration Monday, but there's nothing wrong with inspiration on a Tuesday. With such big dreams and present opportunities, I am very excited about what's happening in my life. My mind is always racing with new ideas and ways of making the most of… Continue reading Inspiration Tuesday: Vision Boarding

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My (Random) Trip to Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hello guys! =) A trip to any museum in my city is normal for me, especially the Art Museum. I also normally take pictures of whatever catches my eye. This time around I wanted to share it with you. While enjoying the city with my boyfriend one weeknight, I knew I wanted to check out the… Continue reading My (Random) Trip to Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Inspiration Monday: 2.15.16

Happy, Inspiration Monday! This quote resonated with me. Sometimes there a small things in life that will try to shake up the big things, but even at my lowest times, I find myself quickly recovering and working hard to stay....happy. My happiness is right here, right now. Love, SiddeeQah ❤

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Once Every Seven: 1.29.16

Hey guys...=) Welcome to another week of Once Every Seven. As to be expected, there aren't really many changes from last week. I've been saying.."oh my, this is my last down week." Even with knowing that, I still have to tell myself to keep my head up and stay energized. It's so hard! But it's… Continue reading Once Every Seven: 1.29.16