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Happy August!! a.k.a Everyday is My Birthday

In 26 days, I'll be 26! I think I started a slight tradition with wanting to celebrate my birthday everyday of the month August last year. But it feels so good to take a moment out of each day and gift myself. I started to notice how anything, no matter how small or how untraditional,… Continue reading Happy August!! a.k.a Everyday is My Birthday

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Inspiration Tuesday: Vision Boarding

I'm back! It's been awhile and I miss blogging! I also miss posting for Inspiration Monday, but there's nothing wrong with inspiration on a Tuesday. With such big dreams and present opportunities, I am very excited about what's happening in my life. My mind is always racing with new ideas and ways of making the most of… Continue reading Inspiration Tuesday: Vision Boarding

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Inspiration Monday: 2.15.16

Happy, Inspiration Monday! This quote resonated with me. Sometimes there a small things in life that will try to shake up the big things, but even at my lowest times, I find myself quickly recovering and working hard to stay....happy. My happiness is right here, right now. Love, SiddeeQah ❤

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#InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

Happy Monday! As sure as I am of what I like, I can't explain how many times I second-guessed if I liked something or not. How strange is that? Shouldn't we know what it is that we like. I believe that most of the time the question isn't even "Do I like this?" , but "Is it… Continue reading #InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

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#InspirationMonday: 1.18.16 – Keep Going

For those of us that needed to be reminded, Do you ever feel like you're at  a dead end?....but know you're not. There came a time when I needed to stop some of the things I was doing...there even came a time when I needed to slow down. But n o w  i s  n o t… Continue reading #InspirationMonday: 1.18.16 – Keep Going

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Inspiration Monday: The Real on Being Inspired

It seems I can't shake these late posts, but that's ok. This Monday, as I reflected on what inspired me, I came across a thought questioning what "inspiration" actually is. So, I searched and the definition of inspiration according to is: : something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone… Continue reading Inspiration Monday: The Real on Being Inspired

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Inspiration Monday: Twenty-five till 25!!

This Inspiration Monday will be unique because this Monday it's all about…..ME! More specifically about my 25th birthday. From the 3rd of August (today) until my birthday, August 27th, I'll be celebrating 25 days of me until I turn Twenty Fine. So let me explain. I want to start this series for myself. I thought… Continue reading Inspiration Monday: Twenty-five till 25!!

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#InspirationMonday: Bedroom Pinspiration

  Hey all, For my own personal space where I think, create, rest, and rejuvenate, I DESPERATELY need a change. DECLUTTERIZATION (is that a word?). And my goal is to get it done as quickly as possible. It's funny that for my first public week of Inspiration Monday, I've been inspired to share what I'd… Continue reading #InspirationMonday: Bedroom Pinspiration