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Blogmas 2015!!

Hey all!! So while I've been away, I've been typing up a blogging storm and have quite a few posts in the draft zone. Now while I know this is MY outlet, I didn't want my posts to just sprout randomly on my blog, especially since I've been looking for some uniformity. Blogmas!! is the… Continue reading Blogmas 2015!!


Day 11: 25till25 Photo Journey

Wow. It's day 11 already of my 25till25 journey. I only planned to take a break from days 4 through 6. So, how's it been going? It's been going. Some days are better than most, but I'm learning a lot and seeing a lot of the personal changes ive been fighting for taking effect. This… Continue reading Day 11: 25till25 Photo Journey


Day Three | 25 Indulgences: What I’m Sinking Into Currently

Waking up after a good day is always light and refreshing. I don't assume that next day will be any different, unless perhaps, better. After about half of today though, I just kinda felt like I needed to rant, blow off some steam, cry maybe. But what I really wanted to do was the opposite.… Continue reading Day Three | 25 Indulgences: What I’m Sinking Into Currently


Day Two | 25Till25

I can't stop churning out these personal posts laden with my random thoughts about…my life. I'm totally fine with that. 2 5 t i l l 2 5. Isn't it party time? A creative metamorphosis? Happy-go-lucky smiley time? Non-stop go go GO?! Typical internet success story? I think not. Well maybe it is a creative metamorphosis.… Continue reading Day Two | 25Till25

Inspiration Monday, Life

Inspiration Monday: Twenty-five till 25!!

This Inspiration Monday will be unique because this Monday it's all about…..ME! More specifically about my 25th birthday. From the 3rd of August (today) until my birthday, August 27th, I'll be celebrating 25 days of me until I turn Twenty Fine. So let me explain. I want to start this series for myself. I thought… Continue reading Inspiration Monday: Twenty-five till 25!!