I don’t dread mondays. I enjoy how Sunday (for me) is the start of the week, but normally feels like the end. Monday is when the action begins. On Monday, I generally have a clear head and am pretty motivated for the week’s tasks. But sometimes, I burnout by Thursday. To avoid that, I start my week off with INSPIRATION, just as I do with any project or idea. Whether its a compilation from previous reflection or something new i’ve stumbled upon, my intention is to place things in the forefront of my mind that keep me stimulated (or any other feelings I desire to retain throughout the week).

Therefore, InspirationMonday was born. I want to share this with others because it is so common for people to require some motivation, myself included, on a Monday.  To avoid boredom and stagnancy, let’s inspire ourselves and one another.

#InspirationMonday is a recurring series on Love, Siddbabii. Check out all the posts here.


If you’d like to contribute to #InspirationMonday, please leave your submission below. Guest posts, ideas, and personal stories are all accepted. Though submission related to fashion, art, and designed are preferred, submissions related to any other areas are highly encouraged. Please allow up to 7 days for a response to allow for a review and consideration on how your submission will be apart of the #InspirationMonday mission on Love, Siddbabii.