Commission Me


Commission me for any custom order. Whether an outfit for a special occasion, a cosplay for an upcoming convention, or a unique accessory to accent your outfit, I’ll make it.

W H Y  C O M M I S S I O N  M E?

Any order completed by me is well-constructed, of good quality, and budget friendly. I keep communication open and consistently send updates along the timeline.

Commission me for:

Custom Apparel – Send your custom design idea to me or have a one-on-one design session with me for the piece(s) you’d like. ( apparel – including but not limited to blouses, t-shirts, dresses, simple gowns, pants. skirts, swimwear, dance wear, lingerie and sleepwear. If the item you’d like is not listed, do not hesitate to inquire about it. I will most likely make if it is within my skill level)

Costume/Cosplay – A cosplay made by me will be an accurate representation of the original design (unless requested otherwise). I use great quality materials to ensure long use of any costume, accessory, or prop. Avoid poor quality, ill-fitting mass-produced costumes with unpredictable delivery and be assured to receive a good-looking, well-fitting order. To make your cosplay stand out and truly one-of-a-kind, I focus heavily on each detail. Costume commissions are not only limited to a newly constructed cosplay, I will make adjustments to previously purchased costumes or assist in collecting materials/pieces to complete your cosplay.

Styling – My styling services vary from choosing the perfect outfit for a special occasion, accessorizing a look, personal shopping for wardrobe change, trip, or series of events. Whether you want to set a trend or follow one, count on me to find the perfect pieces.

M Y  S P E C I A L T I E S

– apparel fabrics – specialty fabrics (stretch, swimwear, leather, etc) – needlework (crochet and knit) – costumery – polymer clay – paper clay – craft foam – eva foam – expanding foam – plaster – thermoplastics – wig styling


1. Any order should be made at least a month in advance, but the earlier the better….and the cheaper. The first step to any commission is figuring a proper quote, which in certain cases can take up to a week to decide.

2. Down payments range from 25-50% down and commission must be paid in full before  order is relinquished.

3. Refund and cancellation process will be discussed privately between myself and client.

4. Required forms must be signed before beginning the commission. Forms include Terms of Service, Commission Agreement, Waiver, and more.

I N Q U I R E  B E L O W


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