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Blogmas: Day 3 | Re-gifting With a Twist

How many of us are brave enough to re-gift? I have no shame in re-gifting. My clutter becomes a great gift for another and my pockets are thankful for the lack of spending. Today, I'll share how to feel better about re-gifting and some ways to personalize them towards the people in your life. Wrap it nicely!… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 3 | Re-gifting With a Twist

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Blogmas: Day 2 | DIY Advent Calendar Jar

Welcome back to my Blogmas for Day 2! Today, I have a DIY that I spoke about in my previous post. I wanted an easy, yet unique Advent Calendar that would be one-of-a-kind and super budget-friendly (only spent $4). Had a lot of fun doing this and I'm going to do a few more. The… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 2 | DIY Advent Calendar Jar

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Blogmas: Day 1 | Christmas Bucket List

Happy Blogmas Day 1, Guys! Upon deciding to participate in Blogmas, I knew I needed to do research and figure out exactly how I was going to do this thing. What will I post about daily until Christmas Day? My research and brainstorming really got me into the holiday spirit and inspired this post about… Continue reading Blogmas: Day 1 | Christmas Bucket List

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Blogmas 2015!!

Hey all!! So while I've been away, I've been typing up a blogging storm and have quite a few posts in the draft zone. Now while I know this is MY outlet, I didn't want my posts to just sprout randomly on my blog, especially since I've been looking for some uniformity. Blogmas!! is the… Continue reading Blogmas 2015!!