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Inspiration Monday: 2.15.16

Happy, Inspiration Monday! This quote resonated with me. Sometimes there a small things in life that will try to shake up the big things, but even at my lowest times, I find myself quickly recovering and working hard to stay....happy. My happiness is right here, right now. Love, SiddeeQah ❤

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#InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

Happy Monday! As sure as I am of what I like, I can't explain how many times I second-guessed if I liked something or not. How strange is that? Shouldn't we know what it is that we like. I believe that most of the time the question isn't even "Do I like this?" , but "Is it… Continue reading #InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

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#InspirationMonday: 1.18.16 – Keep Going

For those of us that needed to be reminded, Do you ever feel like you're at  a dead end?....but know you're not. There came a time when I needed to stop some of the things I was doing...there even came a time when I needed to slow down. But n o w  i s  n o t… Continue reading #InspirationMonday: 1.18.16 – Keep Going