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Inspiration Tuesday: Vision Boarding

I'm back! It's been awhile and I miss blogging! I also miss posting for Inspiration Monday, but there's nothing wrong with inspiration on a Tuesday. With such big dreams and present opportunities, I am very excited about what's happening in my life. My mind is always racing with new ideas and ways of making the most of… Continue reading Inspiration Tuesday: Vision Boarding

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#InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

Happy Monday! As sure as I am of what I like, I can't explain how many times I second-guessed if I liked something or not. How strange is that? Shouldn't we know what it is that we like. I believe that most of the time the question isn't even "Do I like this?" , but "Is it… Continue reading #InspirationMonday: 1.25.16 – What Are Your Likes?

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New Direction of My Blog

As promised, here's part 2. (This is also a page 2 for this post) I have ideas I want to execute to bring consistency to my blog. A Weekly Post. I don't know what I will call it, but I want to do like a weekly "share journal" consisting of my highlights (or lows), faves,… Continue reading New Direction of My Blog

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My Blogging Experience and My Blog’s Direction

Hey all!! I must warn you, this is a longer post than usual. Or maybe this is a usual post before I shorten it. Either way, I'm hoping to really engage with other bloggers and those who are interesting in blogging with this post. Over the last few months, I've been seeking clarity on what… Continue reading My Blogging Experience and My Blog’s Direction


In What Fashion? Creative Hurdles and Overcoming Them

Tell someone you're into fashion yet never expect what will come to mind, for everyone will have their own questions, opinions, and expectations There was a time when I was younger, when keeping up with the latest runway designs was second nature to me. I could tell you what ads were in which magazines, name… Continue reading In What Fashion? Creative Hurdles and Overcoming Them